Governor Parson attends Sustaining Military Readiness Conference in St. Louis

Governor Mike Parson attended the Sustaining Military Readiness Conference Tuesday morning in St. Louis, where he spoke about the dedication Missouri has to the United States military and their families. He also discussed opportunities and challenges that military bases and their neighbors face.

Leaders from the Department of Defense, including Secretary Lucian Niemeyer, along with members from state and local governments, are meeting at this conference to discuss training, new technologies, and how to operate in today’s environment while being prepared for defending our nation.

During the conference, Governor Parson reaffirmed his commitment to maintaining Missouri as a military-friendly state while improving the quality of life for military families.

“Missouri will continue to be a strong and willing partner with the military. We will work with our communities to improve the quality of our schools near our bases and strengthen the partnerships between our military bases and their surrounding areas,” said Governor Parson. “We have made great strides in Missouri already, but we will continue to work with you and other national organizations to make sure our installations can be the best possible and that our forces will be ready to best defend our nation.”

The conference runs until Thursday, August 16.