Letter to the Editor: Lifting regulations on E15, boosting rural economy

It was great to see President Donald Trump coming to Missouri before the election, It certainly boosted Senator-elect Hawley’s chance of victory.
The President was active across the state to discuss issues that matter most to Missouri, including his recent pledge to lift regulations on E15 to help cut fuel costs and boost the rural economy.

E15 is a biofuel blend containing 15 percent ethanol that, for years, has been unavailable to most consumers during the summer months due to outdated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules. Ethanol is made from energy-rich farm crops. This process benefits farmers, who rely on the ethanol plants to purchase grain and keep their prices competitive, especially during economic downturns, like the one the agricultural community has experienced over the last several years.
Thankfully, President Trump listened to rural Americans across the country who were being harmed by the EPA regulations inhibiting the sale of fuels like E15 and ordered the agency to lift them.
As soon as the EPA follows through on the President’s orders, consumers will be able to fully enjoy fuels like E15 throughout the year, and farmers can benefit from the added economic growth the uninhibited sale of these fuels will bring to the rural community.
We are fortunate to have leaders in Washington like Senator Blunt who fought for the agricultural economy by working with the President to see this happen.

– Alex Weinstock
St. Charles, MO