NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri PAC endorses pro-choice champions for reelection

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri PAC announced its endorsement of pro-choice champions in their races for St. Louis City Board of Aldermen on Wednesday.

Endorsements include Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia, Ward 6; Alderwoman Annie Rice, Ward 8 and Alderwoman Cara Spencer, Ward 20.

“With the threats to reproductive freedom on a statewide and federal level, it’s crucial that our representatives in the St. Louis Board of Aldermen will stand up and protect the right to choose,” Christine Shore-Fitzgerald, NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri PAC Board Chair, said. “These three champions have already proven that they will not only vote for pro-choice legislation, but they’re not afraid to introduce and fight for productive legislation. Our members will gladly fight to make sure these champions are reelected.”

Ingrassia said she is grateful for the partnership she has with NARAL Missouri and she is proud to have their endorsement.

“Over the past few years, we’ve accomplished a lot together and weathered some tough loses,” she said. “I look forward to continuing work alongside NARAL’s staff and members to protect and expand reproductive health rights, as well as other important issues to ensure the best interests of St. Louis’ women and families are at the forefront of our policy making at the Board of Aldermen.”

Ingrassia is sponsoring Board Bill 212 this year. The bill will protect the reproductive rights of incarcerated people.

“I’m proud to stand with NARAL in advocating for reproductive health and family planning services,” Spencer said. “NARAL has been a great partner to the Board of Aldermen, not only advocating for strong policies protecting women and families but leading the discussion on proactive action ensuring access to reproductive healthcare for our city’s residents.”

Both Ingrassia and Spencer co-sponsored 2017’s Reproduction Nondiscrimination Act, as well as 2018’s Buffer Zone Bill.

Rice noted that NARAL believes victims, women, and is actively working for safe birthing practices for inmates and family leave.

“In a state where access to quality healthcare is under constant threat, NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri is pushing back to protect and ensure access to the full range of reproductive healthcare for people in St. Louis,” she said. “I’m proud to partner with NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri to advocate for families.”

Rice won a special election to the board in 2018. She also helped to keep reproductive freedom in the Democratic party platform when it was briefly removed over the summer.