RELEASE: Governor Greitens Supports DOJ Actions Related to Missouri-Based Terrorist Organization

Today, Governor Eric Greitens released a statement in support of actions taken by the Department of Justice to revoke the citizenship of Mubarak Hamed, the former head of a terrorist organization based in Columbia, Missouri.

“Mubarak Hamed was the leader of a Missouri-based terrorist organization and is a convicted criminal who lied his way through the immigration process. The Department of Justice wants his citizenship revoked—and they’re right. Convicted criminals who lead terrorist organizations and lie during the naturalization process should lose their citizenship.

Hamed ran an organization called the Islamic American Relief Agency, based here in Columbia, Missouri. The U.S. government classified it as a terrorist organization when it was discovered that the group funneled over one million dollars to Iraq in violation of federal law. Hamed went through the naturalization process to become a US citizen and lied under oath about his ties to this terrorist organization and the crimes he committed.

The Department of Justice is pushing for him to lose his citizenship. They’re right. We don’t want the leaders of terrorist organizations in Missouri, and Mubarak Hamed does not deserve the privilege of US citizenship. When you support terrorism, commit crimes, and lie about your ties to terrorism in the process of becoming a citizen—you need to lose your citizenship and be deported,” said Governor Greitens.


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