RELEASE: Governor Greitens to give Senate extra time to consider State Board appointments

Governor Eric Greitens announced that he will be reappointing five interim appointees to the State Board of Education at noon today. Those five interim appointees were withdrawn earlier this morning.

“We’re here to help teachers, students, and families succeed. We found a great group of leaders in our state to work with us. I appreciate the Senate reaching out, to let us know they want ample time to hear these appointees,” said Governor Greitens.

Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard expressed support for the Governor’s decision. “I know there is a desire among senators to be involved in this process and to give our advice and consent to well-qualified appointees. Today’s action will free up extra time for the Senate to give prompt consideration to a number of the Governor’s other important interim appointees.”

Sen. Jason Holsman (D-Kansas City) agreed. “I have had the opportunity to speak to the Governor about a number of his appointees. I believe that this decision by the Governor will allow the Senate to be more deliberative as we exercise our ‘advice and consent’ responsibilities.”

“The Governor has nominated a number of high-quality individuals to a variety of departments, boards and commissions that are now before the Senate for approval,” said Sen. Mike Kehoe, Senate Majority Floor Leader. “I believe allowing the Senate additional time to weigh in on these very important positions on the State Board of Education was a positive decision by the Governor.”

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