RELEASE: TricorBraun’s ecommerce team, packaging options direct, puts a new spin on packaging with 360-degree images

ST. LOUIS /PRNewswire/ — Packaging Options Direct (POD), a division of global packaging solutions leader TricorBraun, has experienced a significant rise in website traffic and increased sales since the addition of 360-degree spin product images to its website.

TricorBraun's Ecommerce Team, Packaging Options Direct, puts a new spin on packaging.

“Some of our more popular categories such as glass liquor bottles and dispensing closures have benefited the most from the enhanced content and are seeing significant sales growth,” said Nicholas Jager, ecommerce manager, POD. “It’s all about enhancing the customer experience. We are leveraging best in class technology by working closely with Snap36 to provide a more engaging and convenient experience.”

POD has achieved a significant milestone in a short time by implementing 360-degree images for the majority of the products on the site and plan to complete the update by the end of the second quarter. Additionally, they plan on using this technology for new items that are constantly being added to the site.

Customers can easily bypass a lengthier sample process because 360-degree imaging allows them to see the products from all sides and angles, plus they can utilize the high-quality zoom to see products up close. All of this adds to an overall increase in confidence in finding perfect packaging solution and effectivity increasing their speed to market.

“You won’t find this functionality on other packaging supplier sites. We’ve kept a steady 97% satisfaction rating and providing this visibility to our products has further improved our ability to better serve the customer,” Jager said.

POD is already seeing the impact of this added functionality with its customers. John Sansevere, a business partner at a personal care products company, had this to say, “Just started working with this company. Product was exactly as portrayed online. Delivery was timely. Will definitely continue to order and work with them.”

POD and TricorBraun plan to continue to invest in warehousing of more packaging components and will continue to utilize 360-degree imaging to deliver a world class ecommerce experience that helps customers and prospects find what they are looking for to meet their needs and objectives in a timely manner.

About Packaging Options Direct
Packaging Options Direct is a division of TricorBraun. Developed in 2011, as an online marketplace for emerging businesses, Packaging Options Direct has become a leading online wholesale marketplace, supplying the bottles, jars, cans, containers, tins, scoops, pumps and closures needed to create ideas and grow dreams.

About TricorBraun
TricorBraun is a packaging solutions company, focused on providing innovative, custom solutions for its many customers. An industry leader in glass and plastic containers, closures, dispensers and tubes, TricorBraun operates from more than 40 locations throughout North America and internationally including Canada, Mexico, England, China, Hong Kong, and India. Our award-winning Design & Engineering Centers provide forward-thinking service driven by consumer insight, market understanding and creative solutions. TricorBraun’s advisory services range from preliminary planning and manufacturing oversight to warehousing and logistics programs.

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