St. Louis County Police Association endorses Cierpiot for SD 8 bid

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – An ad put out by State Representative Mike Cierpiot in his bid for the State Senate District 8 seat one week ago received mixed reactions.

That’s because of the ad, titled “Safer Missouri,” claimed that the recent unrest in St. Louis has made the Show-Me State a “national disgrace.”

The ad, which calls for the support of law enforcement, has now garnered support from the St. Louis County Police Association.

In a letter issued Monday, the Association endorsed the Kansas City area state representative with the following:

Dear Fellow Missourians,

The unrest and violence in St. Louis have presented challenging and dangerous times for our state’s law enforcement. Some politicians have used these tumultuous times to criticize the men and women who keep our communities, our streets and our families safe.

That’s why, on behalf of the St. Louis County Police Association, we are proud to support Mike Cierpiot for State Senate.

St. Louis is enduring challenging times, and now more than ever we need help from our neighbors in Kansas City to send pro law enforcement candidates, like Mike, to the State Senate to have our back while we work to keep our streets safe.

Mike Cierpiot will be a tremendous representative for the Kansas City area in the State Senate, his commitment to support our police all over our state is unwavering. We ask the voters of the 8th District who support our law enforcement to join us in supporting Mike Cierpiot.

Thank you,

Joe Patterson
St. Louis County Police Association
FOP Lodge 111

The election for SD 8 takes place on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

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