St. Louis ranks high on WalletHub’s 2017’s Most Sinful Cities list

Another year, another shameful national list that the city of St. Louis rests on top of.

According to WalletHub’s 2017’s Most Sinful Cities list, St. Louis ranks fourth in the United States.

WalletHub’s data analysts compared more than 180 U.S. cities across 32 key ‘indicators of evil deeds.’

Some of these dimensions include anger & hatred, jealousy, excesses & vices, greed, lust, vanity and laziness.

Wallethub graded St. Louis with a 52.46 vice index, with the Gateway to the West ranking second overall in the anger & hatred category, which includes the most violent crimes per capita criteria.

St. Louis also had the highest share of adult smokers in the United States at 26.3 percent which is three times higher than San Jose, Calif. who had the lowest amount of adult smokers at 8.4 percent.

Additionally, Springfield, Mo. scored high as well being ranked at 20 with a 47.93 rating and ranked number two for the most thefts per capita.

Overall, Las Vegas easily topped this the list this year with a 59.53 vice index rating.

But who were the goody two shoes according to WalletHub?

South Burlington, Vt. with a vice index rating of 28.97, with Pearl City, Hawaii at a close second with a 29.77 rating.

To see the rest of the study, make sure to check it out on WalletHub’s website.

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