STL County Councilman Harder introduces resolution regarding city and county merger

One St. Louis County councilman introduced a resolution on Tuesday that hopes to put the voters in St. Louis City and the County in charge of a potential merger, not the state.

Councilman Harder

According to Councilman Mark Harder’s resolution, certain legislators and other individuals are seeking to impose significant and potentially damaging changes to the governmental structure of St. Louis City and St. Louis County by having the two merge.

Harder said even though he was personally against a merger, he argued that the only ones who should be discussing the matter would be the residents of both the city and the county.

The resolution passed unanimously within the council and copies of the resolution will be sent to Gov. Eric Greitens and the Missouri legislature.

In addition to Harder’s resolution, the St. Louis County Council also addressed second reading of legislation featuring FY2018 budget items for such as park maintenance, highway capital construction, health fund, and special road and bridge fund amongst many others.

The council is scheduled to meet one more time this year on Dec. 19 at 3 p.m.

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