Emerson partnering with Pink Petro to support women in fuel industry

Emerson, which is based in Ferguson, will join Pink Petro to support women professionals in the energy industry field.

Mike Train, executive president of Emerson Automation Solutions said the partnership with Pink Petro is one example of Emerson’s commitment to support the professional development of women working in the energy sector.

“One of Emerson’s core tenets is our dedication to creating a global workplace that supports and promotes diversity, and that’s particularly true for women in the largest business segment we serve: the energy industry,” Train said in a written statement. “It is critically important that we build a diverse and inclusive workforce that values and respects one another and can share their talents with our global customer base.”

The company states that the partnership with Pink Petro would provide live and on demand professional development, with coaching and mentorship programs for Emerson employees – both men and women.

Katie Mehnert, Pink Petro found and CEO said the partnership with Emerson is an exciting fit for Pink Petro.

“The energy industry transformation is driving a shift in culture and our workforce,” Mehnert said. “Emerson’s C-suite commitment to building an inclusive workplace makes them a perfect fit for Pink Petro. We’re thrilled to have them a part of our community.”

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