Extra Brut gives classic a modern twist

CLAYTON – Extra Brut is a 21st-century speakeasy in a prime location of Clayton. Specializing in sparkling wine, oysters and classic cuisine, Extra Brut is located at 3306, 16 S Bemiston Ave.

Catering to the needs of their guests at a high priority since 2017 they offer around the world experiences, whether it is in their decorations or in their food and drinks.

“We enjoy expanding our menu to accommodate to all attending,” said Extra Brut’s Private Event Coordinator, Colleen Timson. “We offer a full service of anything and everything.”

Since opening, Extra Brut has catered weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, corporate events and more.

When guests decide to use Extra Brut for an event, they are able to choose from things on and off the menu.

“Every party is customizable,” said Timson. “Whatever they want, we work very hard to provide to them.”

The chef, Tim Adams, has a lot of creative freedom in the kitchen at Extra Brut and makes it a point to pair the food with cocktails whenever new menus or ideas arise.

“He is very laid back,” said Timson. “He likes to blend food with the drinks to make sure the pallets mix well together for the guests.”

Timson said that the work environment at Extra Brut is very fun and relaxed. Everyone is part of the process when it comes to creating new things for the menu.

“It’s great to work in an atmosphere where everyone is so knowledgeable,” said Timson.

Timson said that they wanted to create an approachable space for everyone to utilize. Whether it’s for a celebration or a corporate team builder, Extra Brut puts the needs of their guests first in order to give them the desired experience that they came for.

Timson, who has been working with Extra Brut since they opened in 2017 and also has 15 years of experience, said that over time you are able to home in on what to give people.

“It’s why you go into hospitality,” said Timson.

Extra Brut provides a lot of learning opportunities when it comes to explaining what items are on the menu and what pairs well with what.

Timson said that Extra Brut has a lot of people studying to be sommeliers who will come to learn about the different drinks.

Being a sommelier, it is important to travel to where the wines are located in order to teach everyone about them.

Due to the approachable setting that Extra Brut has established, guests are welcomed to ask questions about the menu to understand what items are better paired together.

Guests also get to have their choice of drink made in front of them and then presented to them in order to fulfill the unique experiences that Extra Brut has to offer.

Currently, Extra Brut is only open to the public on Friday and Saturday evenings with live music. While Private Events can be booked Monday through Saturday. However, they are making arrangements to be open to the public Thursday through Saturday by the end of October.

Extra Brut just released their newest menu of the season and are easing away from the summer rosé into fall.