Launchcode announces CoderGirl Graduation, Mastercard commitment

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – LaunchCode will be celebrating the achievement of over 100 women who will be graduating from its CoderGirl program on Wednesday, January 16th.

In addition to the graduation, LaunchCode will also be recognizing Mastercard’s five-year commitment of $250,000 in support of the CoderGirl program, which provides tech training and job placement to women with the desire to enter the tech workforce.

“The CoderGirl program is a cornerstone in our region’s efforts to lift up women in technology and Mastercard’s multi-level support is instrumental to its success,” Jeff Mazur, executive director of LaunchCode said in a news release.

In honor of Mastercard’s commitment, LaunchCode announced that it will be renaming the program from “LaunchCode’s CoderGirl program” to “Codergirl presented by Mastercard.”

“Not only does Mastercard’s generosity ensure funding for operational costs, but Mastercard goes the extra mile by providing multiple volunteer CoderGirl mentors and continues to be a dedicated hiring partner,” Mazur said. “Mastercard is a shining example of a true advocate.”

Charlie Hall, senior vice president of Human Resources for Mastercard said that Mastercard is committed to “moving the needle” that technology workforce needs.

“Our partnership with LaunchCode builds on that commitment by connecting us with skilled, new tech talent which leads to better engagement, innovation and productivity within our organization,” Hall said.

Representatives from Mastercard will be presenting a check at the CoderGirl graduation ceremony for the 2018 cohort on Wednesday, January 16th at LaunchCode’s Mentor Center.