Officer-involved shooting in Ladue

LADUE – On April 23rd, at approximately 3:51 pm, the Ladue Police Department contacted the St. Louis County Police Department’s Bureau of Crimes Against Persons to further investigate an officer-involved shooting.

The incident occurred in the 8800 block of Ladue Road.

Ladue Police officers reported that they initially responded to a call for service of a larceny in progress/disturbance from Schnucks (8867 Ladue Road) at approximately 3:00 pm. Two suspects were involved.

Preliminary investigation revealed that one suspect was stopped by a Ladue Police officer who responded to the call. The suspect reportedly communicated that she suffered from some injury during the altercation and the officer requested EMS to the scene for assistance.

The officer then attempted an arrest but the suspect resisted and a physical struggle began, resulting in the officer discharging her weapon.

The first suspect, a 33-year-old female suffered a single gunshot wound to the torse and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. As of Friday, she is still at the hospital and expected to survive.

Male subject from the officer-involved shooting on April 23, 2019 on Ladue Road.
The second suspect is described as an adult male. He fled the scene at the time of the accident. As of Friday, detectives are continuing their efforts to identify him.

“Although his role in the incident has not yet been defined, it is believed he has pertinent information in reference to the on-going investigation,” the police department said.

The involved officer is a 37-year-old female. She has 13 years of law enforcement service.

As of Friday afternoon, the St. Louis County Police Department shared that the investigation continues to remain very active. Detectives obtained technology from the Ladue patrol vehicles on scene, as well as businesses located in the 8800 block of Ladue Road. Those video recordings are being evaluated.

Investigators also believe that there is an additional witness who exists but has not yet been contacted.

Update from Saturday, April 27th

The male subject being sought in the previous media advisory responded to the Ladue Police Department on Friday, April 26th, in the late night hours. The male spoke with the department’s investigators.

He was released from custody and has not yet been charged with any crime as of Saturday.

Police reported that the female who suffered the gunshot wound was accompanied by both the male and another female subject while at Schnucks.

“Detectives are now attempting to identify and locate the female subject in the attached image,” the department shared. “Although her role in the incident has not yet been defined, it is believed she has pertinent information in reference to the on-going investigation.”