OFS to present at annual SNA conference

ST. LOUIS – A nonprofit hunger relief and St. Louis-based organization, Operation Food Search (OFS) is scheduled to present at the 73rd annual School Nutrition Association’s (SNA) conference in July.

The conference will be held July 14th-16th in St. Louis and is expecting over 6,000 representatives from across the nation to attend.

Brian Wieher, director of Child and Family Nutrition for OFS, as well as Melissa Weissler, manager of Child Nutrition Programs, will be presenting their program: “At Risk-Afterschool Meals: Rebranding Supper as a ‘Super Snack'” during the conference.

“School food can be good,” Wieher said. “I’ve seen it, I’ve done it, and here at OFS we’re trying to expand that thought process.”

In addition to Wieher ad Weissler’s program, OFS will host a tour, “Helping Heal Hunger in Missouri,” at its headquarters. Wieher will also lead the onsite program with Trina Ragain, director of Policy and Innovation for OFS.

During OFS’ onsite program, participants will have the chance to see firsthand the organization’s food distribution and nutrition education center. Participants will also take part in a “hands-on” food cooking demonstration with OFS’ registered dietitians and nutrition education team.

“We want everybody, the people that we serve, involved in all three aspects that we do [immediate need, expanding nutrition IQ, and champion change],” Wieher said.