Parson requests sate audit of department of public safety director office

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Governor Mike Parson requested a state audit of the Missouri Department of Public Safety (DPS) Director’s office on Tuesday.

“Anytime a department director raises concerns about questionable use of taxpayer dollars, we take them very seriously,” Parson said. “That’s why under these circumstances we have requested a state audit.”

In August, Parson appointed then Missouri State Highway Patrol Colonel Sandy Karsten as DPS Director and upon her appointment, she requested that the Office of Administration conduct an initial review of the DPS Director’s office.

“Our initial review raised concerns that warranted a more in-depth examination of past public safety,” Karsten said. “The previous state audit of the DPS Director’s office was completed nearly five years ago. A state audit is the appropriate next step to ensure the DPS Director’s office is fulfilling its obligations to the people of Missouri.”

Parson said that Karsten is doing a great job leading DPS and that she has a clear understanding about the importance of keeping government accountable to the people of the Show-Me State.

A formal request was submitted by Parson on Tuesday afternoon to State Auditor Nicole Galloway to conduct the audit.