Winter weather blast creates need, customers appreciate Hibbs Homes energy efficient homes

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The St. Louis area is expected to receive a blast of Winter weather, which will be motivating home-owners to turn up the thermostat to deal with the colder temperatures.

Owners of Hibbs Homes-built energy-efficient homes will find that their homes are comfortable and warm with lower energy bills than comparable newer homes built by Hibbs Homes competitors, according to a news release.

“Hibbs Homes has long been known for building some of the best, energy efficient homes in the St. Louis region, but we know that some clients struggle with the idea of investing in an energy-efficient green home,” Kim Hibbs, president of Hibbs Homes said. “Our hope is to find a way to deliver affordable options that would make building a green home a feasible option for more clients.”

Hibbs Homes announced its collaboration with Owens Corning to build ComfortBuilt® homes in the St. Louis area, earlier in 2018. The collaboration brought comfort, durability, home value protection, increased energy efficiency and savings to the communities’ homebuyers.

According to the release, the added amenity to Hibbs Homes’ other standard features, which they currently offer, has made a difference for many homeowners who previously chose to build and live in a Hibbs Homes-built house.

Residential customers, Doug and Laura Holtzmann, attested to the difference that a Hibbs Homes energy efficient designed and constructed residence has made on their monthly energy bills.

“The climate control in our three-year-old Hibbs Home is great,” Holtzmann said. “Our home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.”

Holtzmann said his family’s Hibbs Home house is 1.5 times the size of their previous home, but their utility bills are much lower than they used to be.

“Our last house was built by a major home builder in St. Louis,” Holtzmann said. “It also had 2 by 6 construction but was not nearly as efficient. Our neighbor’s homes, designed and built by other homebuilders, have monthly utility bills 2 to 3 times higher than ours.”

Holtzmann’s wife, Laura, said their home is near the Union Pacific and Amtrak train tracks that run through the community. She said that with the insulation practices and materials that Hibbs Homes uses to soundproof has made it to where the family doesn’t hear the trains pass throughout the day and night.

According to Hibbs Homes customer Fred Derner, of Webster Groves, said he recently paid his electric bill of $46.77. His home has 2 by 6 walls with bat insulation – no spray insulation or spray foam.

Derner said the combination of 2 by 6 walls over 2 by 4 walls, extra ceiling insulation, house wrap with taped seams and sealed windows at the nail strips has had a “profound effect on the house’s energy efficiency.”

“We believe that the home of your dreams should be comfortable, durable, beautiful and energy efficient,” Hibbs said. “Our collaboration with Owens Corning Building Science Experts will drive our ability to make durable, energy efficient homes attainable in the St. Louis area.”

Homeowners interested in Hibbs ComfortBuilt® options for their custom home building project or wanting more information about the energy-efficient residences constructed by Hibbs Homes can contact Hibbs Homes at or going to their website.