City of Clayton declares July 11 Marvin Kosky Day

Marvin Kosky

How do you honor a 90-year-old World War II veteran, Bronze Star and Legion of Honour recipient?

You name a day after him.

The City of Clayton recently proclaimed that July 11, 2017 be known as “Marvin Kosky Day.” Kosky, a life-long resident of Clayton, served in the U.S. Army Infantry during World War II.

“We are honored to celebrate Mr. Kosky for his service to our country. Mr. Kosky is a member of a unique generation, and we would not be here were it not for the sacrifices his generation made,” said Clayton Mayor Harold Sanger.

In 1944, Mr. Kosky fought in the Battle of Metz, during which the German-held city of Metz, France was captured by American forces. In 2010, France showed their appreciation for Kosky’s bravery by awarding him the Legion of Honour Medal, France’s highest honor for military service.

After World War II, Mr. Kosky started his own building business, had two children Robert and Karen, and played tennis at the Forest Park Highlands Golf and Tennis Center until he was 89. His wife, Joyce, who also grew up in Clayton, passed away in 2016. They were married for 74 years.

“I’m not sure the following generations behind us really appreciate what the Greatest Generation did for America and for the world in every possible regard. On behalf of the Board of Aldermen, we thank him so very much,” Sanger said.

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