ER doctors in a cannabis world: why to ER doctors focus on cannabis care in St. Louis

CLAYTON – The physicians of Canna Therapy MD are excited to announce Missouri’s premier cannabis-based medical clinic.

Dr. Hari Khalsa and Dr. Radhika Ratnabalasuriar (Rad) are board-certified emergency medicine physicians who further specialize in cannabis-based medicine.

While offering evaluations for Missouri’s Medical Marijuana Card, their physicians are further prepared to discuss the appropriate cannabis-based therapy for each qualifying patient. They reported that their evidence-based approach to cannabis is rooted in years of prior experience treating patients with medical cannabis in Colorado, and is informed by the latest scientific research into the efficacy of cannabis-based medicine.

“From CBD to THC, there is no need for patients to go it alone, or struggle with understanding how best to treat their qualifying medical conditions with cannabis. That’s what our physicians are here for, and have been doing for years,” the doctors said.

Khalsa and Rad encourage the media to reach out with questions about cannabis care for Missouri residents, and the exciting science that suggests cannabis’s efficacy for easing a range of medical conditions.

“Our approach to patient care goes beyond the state’s mandated paperwork and looks at qualifying patients as individuals who may benefit from individualized, medically guided use of cannabis,” the doctors shared. “It’s about respecting patients, their bodies, and their needs. It’s about applying the latest science to a bold new form of patient care. And it’s about education, one contact at a time. Our physicians will gladly schedule a time to speak to you.”

As emergency medicine physicians, Khalsa and Rad became frustrated by the lack of non-opiate medications to treat chronic pain and the symptoms of serious illness. They have served in the trenches fighting the opioid epidemic, by helping patients seek safe, effective, opiate-alternative therapies.

The emerging science behind cannabis-based therapy is the most exciting frontier in modern pain and symptom management. Finally, they have a new tool to help a wide range of patients.

After completing training in medical cannabis education, Khalsa and Rad felt compelled to open a medical marijuana evaluation clinic: Canna Therapy MD.

Their goal is to evaluate patients who may benefit from medical marijuana while increasing awareness and education so that qualifying patients leave with their paperwork as well as sound guidance in beginning their cannabis-based treatment.

This guidance, from board-certified physicians with prior experience treating patients with cannabis, makes Canna Therapy MD a new resource for improving Missourians’ health.

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