Members of the Municipal League pass amended resolution, continue collecting signatures

ST. LOUIS – The Municipal League of Metro St. Louis announced late January that it was working on passing a resolution to make City-County merger a local vote.

The League’s adopted resolution referred to the Better Together petition as being “developed and written in secret, without the participation of those directly affected, by an unelected and unaccountable non-governmental organization, promoting their agenda, while the citizens in the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County were not afforded the protection of the Missouri Sunshine Law which [e]nsures governmental transparency, openness and accountability.”

On Thursday, the League approved the resolution unanimously. According to the resolution, members are supporting the effort to collect signatures from voters of St. Louis County during the general municipal election on April 2nd.

If enough signatures are collected, St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger and St. Louis City Mayor Lyda Krewson will be “forced” to form a Board of Freeholders/Electors. Members elected to the board must be approved by Stenger and Krewson’s respective legislators.

Those elected and approved to the board will then formulate a plan, presenting the voters of City and County the reorganization of both local governments.

“This is a major effort that we believe is necessary to counter the absurd proposal presented by Better Together,” Norman McCourt, president of the board of directors for the Municipal League, said.

A representative with Better Together did not provide a response when asked about the Municipal League’s resolution