RELEASE: Former St. Louis Mayor Vincent Schoemehl supports Mark Mantovani for St. Louis County Executive

“Our entire region needs a County Executive who looks to the future. Our kids and grandkids will live in the St. Louis community we shape for them . . . or they will move to some other community, as have so many young people already. That’s why I support Mark Mantovani as the Democratic nominee for St. Louis County Executive. Mark is a visionary leader who brings a fresh outlook to the political arena, along with deep business and civic leadership experience. He has demonstrated a passion for making St. Louis a world-class community for this generation and generations to come.
Mark represents the change we need in the St. Louis region. He will challenge and unite the region and grow the economy through ethical and collaborative leadership. I encourage you to vote for Mark Mantovani for St. Louis County Executive – for the sake of St. Louis County, our children and our regional future.” Vince Schoemehl, Mayor of St. Louis 1981-1993.

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