RELEASE: Lt. Gov. Mike Parson Applauds House Passage of Lawsuit Reform Bill, Encourages Passage of Legislation in Senate

(JEFFERSON CITY, MO) – Lt. Gov. Mike Parson has released the following statement thanking the House for perfecting Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer’s HB1578 and encouraging the Senate to pass Sen. Brian Munzlinger’s SB546, a similar bill currently awaiting a vote.

“I applaud the House for taking a step to rid our state of junk lawsuits by perfecting HB1578.  This legislation includes commonsense venue reforms that will prevent out-of-state attorneys from abusing Missouri’s court system, as they did last year in the notorious baby powder lawsuits that resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in awards to plaintiffs who do not even live in our state,” said Lt. Gov. Mike Parson.

“Lawsuits like this slow down the justice system for Missouri residents, increase the cost of doing business in our state, and deter economic growth.  I will work with Senate leadership to encourage passage of venue reform in the Missouri Senate and push for a vote on SB546,” he continued.

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