Rowden talks ‘doing the right thing’ on This Week in Missouri Politics

ST. LOUIS — For the second week in a row, Gov. Eric Greitens dominated headlines and was the main topic of discussion on This Week in Missouri Politics.

In the past week, the House has moved forward with an investigation into the governor and several legislators have called for his resignation.

“My resignation call was because I don’t envision a scenario where the governor will be in a place where he can lead in the way that he needs to and I think that’s really important,” this week’s featured guest, Sen. Caleb Rowden, said.

On Thursday it was announced that the Attorney General’s Office is opening an inquiry into Greitens’ campaign ties with a veteran charity ,The Mission Continues.

“The idea that this is just a partisan witch hunt is false,” Rep. Shamed Dogan said on the opinion maker panel.

Scott Faughn gives Josh Hawley credit for “taking on his own party and doing the right thing in the middle of a U.S. Senate race.”

The show also dives into Rep. Jay Barnes heading the House investigative committee, the Senate special election, the general election, and more this week.

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