Fontbonne University to host spring thesis exhibition

ST. LOUIS – Fontbonne University opened its newest exhibition on Friday, April 26th.

Showcasing works from the university’s BFA, MA, and MFA students, the Thesis Exhibition is in part of the senior and graduate students’ final exhibit upon graduation.

“This is another one of those shows that I think fully captivates what we do here,” Anthony Borchardt, assistant arts professor and director of the Gallery of Art at Fontbonne University, said.

Tea Set by Victoria Smith (Keller), MA (photo courtesy of Fontbonne University Fine Art Gallery)

“I like my work to evoke a feeling of calm,” Victoria Keller, MA, said. “I just want people to feel relaxed and taken to another place when they see my places.”

Landscape by Xi Wang, MFA (photo courtesy of Fontbonne University Fine Art Gallery)

“I learned oil painting just two years ago,” Xi Wang, MFA, said. “I learned Chinese Watercolor in my country and came here to learn oil painting and [was able to] learn more.”

Wang has four pieces of oil paintings showcased in the Gallery.

“My work is traditional. I like the figurative work, that’s what I focus in on,” Meesha Tucker, MFA, said. “It’s kind of more renaissance, but currently, what I’m working on is bringing old paintings to life in sculpture.”

Plate Duo by Sarah Rebholz, MFA (photo courtesy of Fontbonne University Fine Art Gallery)

“[It’s] kind of trying to build somewhat of a bridge between the fine art world and the marketing world,” Meredith Berkowitz, said. “The idea of the ways these are done is that they can be on tee-shirts or makeup bags, or they can be prints themselves. It’s supposed to be versatile.”

Cacti Earrings by Meredith Berkowitz, BFA (photo courtesy of Fontbonne University Fine Art Gallery)

“I took a class with Peg Fetter and I had never felt more comfortable with the material in my hand,” Berkowitz said. “The patience that it taught me is invaluable. The process is very gratifying. To have all of these things start in a flat-form and I get to change it and make it even prettier, there’s just a really simple happiness that comes with that.”

Berkowitz completed two bodies of work for the exhibition: 2D and 3D. Her 2D work is a collection of graphic prints with a focus on common phrases geared toward women with the goal to “grab the power back.” Her 3D work is focused on jewelry pieces, which she shared is her “passion medium.”

“Even though we are strong in a figurative aspect of our technical training, by the time they graduate they grow from that technical training into their own mediums and their own style of work,” Borchardt said. “It’s awesome to see when you put shows like this together.”

The Thesis Exhibition runs April 26th-May 8th.