GreenPal app launches in Clayton

CLAYTON, Mo. – At the beginning of August, a new service to homeowners was launched in Clayton, Missouri. Trademarked as an “Uber for lawn care”, GreenPal is an app that connects homeowners with local lawn care professionals right at their fingertips.

Originally based in Nashville, GreenPal gives homeowners the opportunity to find local, pre-screened lawn professionals. Through the app, homeowners are able to list their lawns with their desired service date and needs. “Vetted lawn care pros can then bid on their properties based on the Google street and aerial images and any other lawn details the homeowner provides. Homeowners can then select who they want to work with based on the vendor’s ratings, reviews, and price,” said Gene Caballero, co-founder of GreenPal.


When the service has been completed, the lawn care servicer sends a time-stamped photo of the work completed. Homeowners will pay for the service via the app and can then set up more appointments for future services.

“I originally started the landscaping business in high school with my childhood friend,” said Caballero. Caballero and his childhood friend, Zach Hendrix are both co-founders of GreenPal. “[Zach] continued to grow his landscaping business and I decided to go into tech sales after attending college.”

Caballero said that while Hendrix’s business continued to grow and be profitable, he would still get phone calls from homeowners that wanted lawn care services to be more applicable with their busy schedules. Knowing that the demand for same day services was growing, Caballero and Hendrix figured that “at some point they would call strangers for lawn care too.”

photo credit: GENE CABALLERO

As a platform that connects homeowners with professional lawn care services, Caballero and Hendrix look at the data in specific locations where they have people requesting lawn services. “We knew that we wanted to launch in St. Louis at the beginning of the summer,” said Caballero. With all of the surrounding areas of St. Louis, GreenPal received a lot of interest from Clayton homeowners and they made the decision to launch a submarket in Clayton.

Submarkets are in every major market and it is per the request of homeowners that determines where GreenPal decides to launch. “We started in Nashville in 2012. Since then we have launched in over 20 states with 40 major markets,” said Caballero.

Launching in Clayton has been exciting for GreenPal. “We follow the numbers,” said Caballero, “but Clayton has been a place where the supply side and the demand side have both been eager to use the platform.”

GreenPal Founders receive the most joy from their app when they get vendors thanking them for the platform that they have created. “We take care of the scheduling, the route, and the payment,” said Caballero. GreenPal has made it easier for vendors to get paid and publicize their services for local homeowners. “We’re currently based in 22 states, but by 2022 we would like to be in every market nationwide,” said Caballero.

GreenPal’s platform allows lawn care professionals can use the app and apply has a vendor and help boost their business while simultaneously allowing homeowners to schedule and pay for their lawn service with a click of a button.