MoDOT to kick off ‘No MOre Trash Bash’ in north county

ST. LOUIS – The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) announced that the Show-Me State’s annual ‘No MOre Trash! Bash’ will run from April 15th until May 15th.

Sponsored by the Missouri Department of Conservation and MoDOT, the Trash Bash is an ongoing statewide anti-litter campaign encouraging Missourians all across the state to clean up litter from roadsides, parks, neighborhoods, rivers, streams, and trails among other places.

This year, in the attempt to tackle the litter issue in North St. Louis County, MoDOT is holding a No MOre Trash event along the outer roads of I-270 near Hazelwood on Saturday, April 27th, beginning at 8:00 am.

Additional Trash Bash activities during the month of April include educational efforts in schools through community events, Earth Day celebrations, and media promotions.

In spring of 2018, MoDOT reported that 65,185 bags of litter and several truckloads of debris were picked up during the No MOre Trash! Bash. Participants also attended educational events that stressed the importance of not littering.