Civilian police employees voice concerns over Proposition P compensation

The St. Louis County Council heard numerous speakers at Tuesday’s meeting regarding their issues with Proposition P raises.

Multiple speakers from the civilian sector that work at the St. Louis County Police Department were upset that they would only receive a 3 percent raise from Proposition P when they felt they deserved more.

Some of these employees ranged from security officers, police dispatchers, case managers and forensic scientists.

The raises would come from Proposition P tax with approximately $19 million of the tax money going towards the increase in salary.

Proposition P is a half-cent sales tax that’s expected to generate $80 million a year for public safety. It was passed this April with sixty-three percent of St. Louis County voters voting in favor of the tax.

St. Louis County Police Officers Association president Joe Patterson, said the challenge is finding the right amount of compensation for these civilian employees.

“The way we answer that question is through the collective bargaining process,” Patterson said. “We need those individual professional staff to organize under a bargaining unit and bring forth their concerns and bring forth some solutions to county government to find something that’s going to be equitable to both the taxpayer and to the employee that would ultimately be an agreeable contract.”

Last month, the St. Louis County Council passed an ordinance 6-0, which would raise the income of the county police staff by 30 percent.

In addition, at the last County Council meeting, the councilmembers passed legislation that would give officers ranked lieutenant and above a higher salary.

On average, the higher ranked officers would receive an approximate 15 percent raise.

The raises would go into effect on Jan. 1, 2018.

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