New restaurant in DeMun hopes to shake things up

The DeMun entertainment area could soon be getting a whole lot spicier once a new Italian restaurant opens its doors.

At last night’s Clayton Board of Aldermen meeting, the board approved a liquor license for Matt McGuire’s newest restaurant venture, Louie DeMun, 706 DeMun Ave., which McGuire told the board should be ready to open in about a month.

McGuire was also the owner of the late, much-loved restaurant King Louie’s on Chouteau Avenue. King Louie’s reputation wasn’t lost on Clayton Mayor Harold Sanger.

“King Louie had a lot going for it, the atmosphere was outstanding,” Sanger tells the Clayton Times. “I would call it classy/old. And of course the food was outstanding but really, the desserts were over the top. Our favorite was the Beggar’s Purse, warm chocolate and Lord only knows what else. They have been closed for a long time but the Beggar’s Purse left an impression on us. Matt promised it would be on [Louie Demun’s] menu.”

Sanger added that the DeMun area is the perfect location for new restaurants because of the young and active crowd.

“The DeMun area is full of young adults — both single and couples — young professionals and WU students,” he said. “Note my theme is ‘young’. They are not going to sit in their apartment and watch Iron Chef. The restaurants are tuned to appeal to this group and it works. I encourage you to go there on any night and see for yourself how alive it is. Clementine’s had a constant line the night we were there that did not appear to slow the entire evening, it is a great addition to the area.”

In an interview with Feast Magazine earlier this year, McGuire said he chose DeMun because of the diversity and openness of the community.

“I feel like the feeling and people, and I’m sure that has a lot to do with Washington University and folks that live around here,” McGuire told Feast Magazine. “There’s certainly diversity and an openness to the neighborhood. It just feels nice. It’s a hard thing to put your finger on — it’s all sort of tied together.”

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