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Right-to-work set to appear on November 2018 ballot after signatures certified

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The right-to-work initiative petition has officially prevailed and will be appearing on the November 2018 ballot. More than 300,000 signatures were gathered and presented in an effort to put SB 19, also known as the “right-to-work” law, in the hands of Missouri’s voters during the next general election on November 6, 2018. Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and his office last week confirmed that the necessary number was met, validating 250,327 […]

Union advocates organize to repeal 2017 labor bills

By Michael Layer JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Before the Labor day weekend, union advocacy groups are organizing in an effort to repeal the labor reform bills passed in 2017 – like right-to-work, prevailing wage repeal efforts, the St. Louis minimum wage cap, and the employment discrimination bill better known as SB 43. Among the groups that were in attendance were Empower Missouri, SMART-Union, SEIU, Missouri NAACP, and Missouri Faith Voices. At the event, they announced […]

Right-to-work supporters attack ‘union bosses’ with mailer

By Benjamin Peters JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The battle over right-to-work continues in the Show-Me State, as both sides look to sway voters as the controversial law looks primed to head to the ballot in 2018. Earlier this month, union organizers managed to turn in more than 300,000 signatures on initiative petitions to get a referendum on the ballot, but now right-to-work supporters are taking the next step. Americans for Prosperity, a pro-RTW group, launched […]

Voters could have final say on right-to-work

Missouri unions have enough certified signatures to postpone the state’s new right-to-work law; the measure will now go to a public vote in 2018. Supporters of the referendum gathered 163 boxes, 57,277 pages, and 310,567 signatures calling for voters to weigh in on the controversial measure, according to The Missouri Times. Gov. Eric Greitens signed the legislation into law this February, which would have gone into effect Aug. 28, and would have protected workers from […]

Pro right-to-work group accused of armed intimidation

By Benjamin Peters JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A pro-right-to-work group is catching some flak after it was reported that four armed men were handing out literature opposing the anti-RTW movement in Buchanan County. According to a report by the St. Joseph News-Press, the men were seen walking the grounds of the Buchanan County Courthouse on Thursday, Aug. 10 and openly carrying firearms while distributing brochures published by Liberty Alliance, a pro-RTW group. A recent Kansas City […]