Protesters march on Clayton

Over the beats of drums and chants, demonstrators rallied onto various locations near the City of Clayton.

Originally, the protesters were scheduled to meet at Shaw Park but organizers decided to move the march to the Saint Louis Galleria in Richmond Heights.

Once at the shopping mall, protesters congregated near the main entrance near the Cheesecake Factory then marched into the intersection of Brentwood Boulevard and Galleria Parkway.

The police presence in the area allowed the protesters to gather at the intersection and was peaceful.

The protest then moved towards Highway 40 (Interstate 64) but was met by a heavy St. Louis County Police and Missouri Highway Patrol presence. Once blocked by the police, protesters then headed their way back to the shopping mall where there was shouting at police officers but near the mall’s doors but nothing more.

Shortly thereafter the protesters dissipated.

Clayton and the surrounding area were prepared to handle protesters, according to St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger.

In a press release sent out Wednesday afternoon, Stenger praised peaceful demonstrations but said the “streets belong to those who respect each other and the law.”

In addition, there were multiple closings within Clayton such as Shaw Park Tennis Center, Center of Clayton, and the Shaw Park Pool.

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