STL County Executive candidate and Greitens campaign donator, shuns governor after scandal

Mark Mantovani, one of the candidates primed to run for the St. Louis county executive position put out a statement Thursday regarding Governor Eric Greitens scandal.

Mantovani, who is running as a Democrat, donated large sums to Gov. Greitens campaign in 2015 and 2016.

Starting in June of 2015 through September of 2016, Mantovani and his wife, Patty, donated $20,241 to Greitens’ campaign, according to the Missouri Ethics Commission

“The revelation of reported actions by Governor Greitens, specifically allegations of blackmail and physical violence, are extremely disturbing and, if true, disqualifying,” Mantovani said in a written statement. “As a society, we have to adopt a no-tolerance policy against these types of threats and intimidation. So many men in our society, including elected officials, seem to believe they are above the law and are immune from severe consequences for such threats and intimidation. They are mistaken.”

When asked whether or not he was going to demand the donations back from Greitens, Mantovani declined to comment.

Mantovani is a candidate in the August 2018 Democratic primary for St. Louis County executive position. Other Democrat candidates include current County Executive Steve Stenger, and Bill Ray, a real estate agent from University City.

The general election will take place November 2018.

KMOV (Channel 4) was first to break the story regarding the governor’s affair. According to the news outlet, in 2015 Greitens had a consensual relationship with a married woman. During one of these encounters, the governor reportedly took a compromising photograph of the woman and threatened to use it against her if she told anyone of the secret relationship.

Greitens has since admitted the affair but denies any attempt of blackmail against the woman he had a sexual relationship with.

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